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Acts of violence against demonstrators in Bahri and Al Siteen in Nov 2021

Acts of violence against demonstrators in Bahri and Al Siteen in Nov 2021

The Sudanese Archive preserves, analyses, and memorialises documentation of human rights violations, conflict, and acts of resistance in Sudan. We do this by archiving and curating visual documentation in our database and on this website for news media, accountability processes, and transitional justice. We also provide training and support for other archival efforts in Sudan.

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Archiving and Investigating

Since December 2018, Sudanese Archive has been archiving the historic changes in Sudan using a mix of open source and primary visual media. Our goal is to help document every protest during the uprising, monitor human rights abuses and report on newsworthy developments by archiving, analysing and publishing visual documentation.

We also help preserve historical documentation of human rights abuses and expressions of resistance from the last 30 years. Explore our investigations and databases here.

Training and support

Every day important historic documentation is lost. In order to preserve these crucial memories of Sudan’s revolution and resistance, Sudanese Archive trains and supports groups on the ground in gathering content, archiving, and investigating.

We provide both in-person and e-learning training, and advise on best practices for human rights documentation for cases, reports, and transitional justice. We also conduct training and advise on using verifying and using digital media for reports and legal cases.

Oral histories and acts of resistance

Even where visual documentation doesn’t exist, stories and arts can memorialise the past. It’s important to preserve these so we can pass them on to future generations, and so other people understand what we went through. Sudan’s recent history is full of conflict, but also resilience and resistance. We provide training and support for those looking to preserve their stories or create new works.

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