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Incident : INC-O30-0004

Documentation of the deadly shooting of a protester at the Al Morada fish market

Sat Oct 30 2021Omdurman


Several videos indicate the deadly shooting of a protester. The videos show people likely to be police and other uniformed people firing weapons at protesters. Another video shows a lifeless protester being taken away, and a third shows a man in the same clothing as the victim in the previous video dropping to the ground amid sounds of gunfire.

Possible perpetrators:

Police, unidentified

Indicators of a peaceful protest:


Indicators of disproportionate use of force:


Indicators of SGBV:

Indicators of unlawful use of teargas/crowd control tactics:

Indicators of targeted killings:

Indicators of extrajudicial killings of detainees:

Related Observations:


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