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Documenting violence and security presence at anti-coup protests

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Coup Files Database

The Sudanese Archive has preserved more than 3,000 video and photo files documenting protests and violence against civilians since the coup. The Coup Files is the most comprehensive open source archive of these human rights violations. In this database we are publishing all verified incidents and associated open source documentation (videos or photos) that we used in the analysis.

Shot in the Streets is the Sudanese Archive’s first report from the Coup Files.

These videos include

  • Visual evidence of large crowds of protesters in the streets
  • Media showing teargas being launched directly toward civilian protesters
  • Videos in which the sound of shooting can be heard
  • Imagery of injured protesters
  • A video in which a protester is seen being shot and dropping to the ground
  • Documentation of the presence of mixed security forces in green, brown and blue or gray uniforms, and in plain clothes, with green, beige and blue pick-up trucks
  • Documentation of those forces working in a coordinated manner
  • A video showing a person in a solid green uniform shooting a weapon
  • Videos of victims being taken to hospital


Every video or photo used in this dataset was gathered through social media or sent directly to the Sudanese Archive, and archived in a standardised way to preserve metadata and the file integrity.

We then sorted those archived files for ones relevant to our investigation, verifying the source, time, location, date, and content for each. We then corroborated information found in those verified videos or photos against other open source documentation, public reports from credible sources, or witness testimony. We created a database of each observation (video or photo from the archive) and incident (a summary of the event that those observations point to having occurred). Every tag added to the database follows a standardised method.

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This is the first step of a long process to document and make accessible incidents relating to security presence and human rights violations across Sudan during the anti-coup protest crackdowns.

Video submission

If there is a video or piece of information that is not included in our archive or database, please email info@sudanesearchive.org to inquire as to how to send it securely or reach us at +49 178 3161589 on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.

Errors, corrections and feedback

The Sudanese Archive aims for complete transparency and accuracy in documenting all incidents. But the team is also aware that open data of certain events is not complete and are occasionally limited. Our database is hence maintained and presented to the best of our knowledge. If you have information about a certain incident or find an error, please reach out to us at info@sudanesearchive.org or at +49 15258973242 on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram.


The videos in this database have been collected by groups and individuals living or working in Sudan. This collection would not be possible without those documenting and reporting on violence occurring at great risk to themselves.


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